About the Amish way of life and About the Farm

The Amish Life

The Amish use their horse and buggy to travel from place to place, wheather it is hot or cold. They are use to the cold from they day they are born. During the winter, the Amish have to go out side to get wood for their stoves to they can stay warm. If the electricity goes off they keep going about their lives because they live in a way where they make do without it.

The Amish are a close knit people. They help each other in times of need. The men make sure there is a big pile of wood out in the shed so they get hot food all year and say warm and cozy on those cold days. The women enjoy a simple life of canning much of their food, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of their families by having a nice hot meal waiting for them. Amish weddings are something everybody enjoys because there's all sorts of good food and entertainment that guests can enjoy. So come enjoy the feel of Amish life for one night as much as the Amish enjoy it everyday.

The Farm

The house is built by the Amish and the farm was bought from an Amish family who created a lot of memories there. This Amish B and B will allow people to step back in time and live like the Amish do everyday with hopes of people enjoying their time here as much as the Amish family did.

Come and enjoy the Amish way of living. See how the Amish live with out all the modern conveniences that the world has. Will see that it takes real faith and courage to live like the Amish. Come to enjoy and respect the Amish beliefs and way of life.